Telescope for On Land Use - Terrestrial Telescope!


These plans are for a homemade terrestrial telescopes with higher magnification.

IF YOU made one of the telescopes described last month, you already are familiar with the basic information necessary to construct a terrestrial telescope, which is one for viewing objects on land. Obviously, it must show an upright image, and in order to do this with the astronomical telescope already described, it is necessary to add two lenses between the objective and eyepiece, as in Fig. 25.

This type of erecting system permits added magnification through the erectors. Normal lens system: This also is shown in Fig. 25. The field lens and eye lens making up the eyepiece are the same as for the astronomical telescope, and previously described.

The one shown here is a Ramsden. The eyepiece together with the two erectors make an erecting eyepiece, and all four lenses are mounted at a fixed spacing in the draw tube.

Designing- your own scope: The best way to make a scope is to design and test your own. First, select suitable lenses, Fig. 32, and run through the simple calculations and other data. Then make a layout, tracing the light rays and, at the same time, check the system on the optical bench...