Bizarre Garden Tractor Crafted From Wood! Plans


WWII was a tough time to get your hands on metal. So, this tractor was made from wood and a utility engine!

ANY small gasoline engine geared low-enough will develop considerable pull in this junior tractor and a handy boy not only should have a lot of fun with it, but may be able to pick up various odd jobs of hauling and towing in the neighborhood. It can be used to pull small loads of dirt, gravel or rubbish, or tow two or three coaster wagons full of youngsters. It is geared to travel as fast as a brisk walk and is designed to run over rough or soft ground as well as on the sidewalk.

Its lines are similar to those of a full-size job, its wide tread prevents tipping over on the side of a hill and it has a very short turning radius for work in close quarters.

The large drive wheels are very simply made. Two 20-in. disks are built up of 3/4-in. x 7-in. boards cleated on the inside. The tire is a 6-in. wide strip of heavy galvanized sheet iron with cross treads nailed over it. A section of brass tube serves as a hub. The wheel turns on a 3/4-in. 116 cold-rolled steel axle.

It is highly important that the hub, which is driven in to a tight fit, be accurately centered and true in the wood disks. The driving load is carried by carriage bolts through V-pulley and one side of the wheel. Make the chassis frame of parallel two-by two's (net) with cross pieces. The hood may need to be altered from dimensions given here if a larger engine is used. The dummy radiator is merely a 1-in. board cut as shown with heavy screen nailed over it. The "instrument board" is merely a duplicate of the radiator.