Vintage Boat Review - The Boats of 1957


This is an article about the outboard boating industry in 1957.

The 50s were a great time for boats and boating. This article has old boats, new ideas (like the jetski above) and cabin cruisers. There's pics and stats on old Evinrudes, Johnson's, Mercury, Elto engines, and more. Really a fun find for someone interested in boating.

From the article: "Never in outboarding history has the boat buyer been faced with such a broad choice in makes, models, materials, and hull designs.

Therer's a boat for every purpose, from running between the shore and the mooring, or cruising hundreds of miles with the family. They're built of wood, plastic, Fiberglas or alumlnum and you can have them edge-planked, sheet-planked, lapstraked or molded. If you can't find the boat you want, you're not looking!

They talk about the new Chris-Craft, retailing at $1800. You could pick up a new Johnson 18hp that weight 87 pounds for $625. Nice! You've got to see the old boat motor photos and the old boat photos, they're priceless.