Big Scooter Plans

Don't put this stupid skin on the scooter. But DO build this scooter if you want a fun project!

This scooter is a larger version of the gas powered scooter. The photo shows it skinned with sheet metal. This larger version would be better suited for distance driving on the street than the other on, as it is larger and more powerful.

This scooter can take a much larger motor than the plans suggest. The plans suggest that for flat ground putting, a 1.5 hp motor is adequate. We'd suggest something much larger if you're interested in speed, or if you live in an area that has any amount of hills. You'd feel pretty funny if your scooter slowed to a snail's pace when climbing hills.

The frame is completely angle iron, so it's very easy to build. The scooter plans also call for spring shocks to cushion the ride.

All in all, this scooter would be a great project for adults to cruise to neighbor's houses and down to the corner store.