Half Size - 1901 Packard Gas Car Replica!

Recapture the romance of the horseless carriage era! Be the man who owns one!

We have two different plans, one for a 1901 Packard, and one for a 1901 truck. They're both linked at the bottom.

It has been 63 years since the great-granddaddy of this bright-red 1901 Packard roadster purred its way down America's roadways. Our half-size version should bring a twinge of nostalgia to MI's senior readers— and delight the younger set.

Under the tonneau (that's the rear-deck lid, son) there's a modern two-hp gasoline engine with chain drive direct to the axle. Speeds up to 15 mph are possible. Designed to carry two youngsters in comfort, the car also is sturdy enough to haul two adults. Righthand steering (as in the early days), an automatic centrifugal clutch, a foot brake and hand accelerator at your fingertips make operation of the vehicle a breeze.

It was on Aug. 13, 1898, that James Ward Packard purchased the 12th car built by Alexander Winton. On his trip home to Warren, Ohio, some 50 miles from the Winton factory in Cleveland, the car broke down. The incensed purchaser returned to the factory to complain about his lemon and Alexander Winton told him, "If you're so smart, Mr. Packard, why don't you build acar yourself?" History has recorded the results. The first Packard was sold in January 1900.

Almost immediately the reputation of Packard was secure. "Ask the man who owns one" became a household phrase. We hope the building of this replica 1901 Packard roadster will recapture for you some of the romance and excitement of the horseless-carriage era.